“Vogele makes excellent use of sound design to further esconce the viewer in the location. The clang of a cow bell, the bark of a dog, the steady drip of rain through a forest of trees all build the picture of a relatively sleepy rural community.

Allan Hunter

Screen Daily

“The Balkan landscape is a witness to cycles of time and displacement in Nicole Vögele’s atmospheric, compelling and very human doc.

Carmen Gray

The Film Verdict

“… It is this renunciation of statements, grand images and gestures that makes the film so powerful. Vögele looks simultaneity in the face.

Leonard Haverkamp

Film Explorer

“Magnificent and firmly anchored within a reality depicted in the greatest of detail, The Landscape and the Fury is a continuation of a theme which was also easily detectable in her previous film, Closing Time.

Giorgia Del Don


« Yet there’s no question of genre cinema in Swiss filmmaker Nicole Vögele’s documentary, which depicts the very real urgency of migrants crossing this region of northwest Bosnia-Herzegovina, on the border with Croatia and therefore at the gates of the Shengen area. « 

Nicolas Bardot

Le Polyester

« …the Swiss filmmaker approaches this tragedy from another angle, that of the impressionist documentary, enhanced by the grain provided by 16mm, which makes it possible to touch reality in its globality and complexity, placing it in a temporality that goes beyond that of the human species, and confronts that of world time. »

Malik Berkati


“Despite sticking to a muted form of utterance, The Landscape and the Fury has a gigantic, enormous scope of inquiry that unspools as being boundlessly alive to the tiniest flickering sensory moment.”

Debanjan Dhar

High On Films

“Yet Vögele manages to make her calm, quiet and painterly film, with its slowly swaying trees on rolling hillsides, a landscape bathed in sunlight or covered in snow, cry out loud and clear about the importance of small acts of humanity, in all places and under all circumstances.

Kees Driessen

Business Doc Europe

“Dieser Dokumentarfilm steht für alles, was ein Kinoerlebnis einzigartig und nachhaltig macht. Da werden nicht die kalten Fakten illustriert, wie in der Tagesschau. Da werden auch nicht schnell empörende Kontraste erzeugt, die sich gegenseitig auslöschen.

Michael Sennhauser

Sennhausers Filmblog